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Dheya P said: Jun 11, 2015
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So I am a cello student and also a freshman in high school. I’ve been going by the Suzuki books since fourth grade and I finally finished with the Suzuki books up to 8. I don’t really have a private lesson teacher now for financial reasons, but all the teachers I had before, suggested that I not do 9 and 10. I really want to keep improving no matter what the situation. Any advice on where to head next?

Sarah Strickland said: Jun 15, 2015
Sarah Strickland
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Morgantown, IN
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Hello Dheya.

Congratulations on your motivation to work on your own and continue growing as a cellist!

Find a Teacher!!!! It’s very important to have a mentor/coach to help you grow.

So finances are an issue? Here are some suggestions!

~ One lesson a month is better than none!
~ Does your school have an orchestra or string program? Connect with the teacher!
~ If your school doesn’t have an orchestra or string program, try connecting with the band director, or even the choir director. (Hey, cello can play the trombone or euphonium or bassoon lines in band, and the bass in the choir. They should be DELIGHTED to have you!)
~ You may also connect with another student—peer mentoring can be powerful too. (And duet playing is a blast!)
~ Is there a college or university in your town? A university student might charge less for lessons than a professional with a degree and experience would. You would still get good mentoring.
~ Work for someone or trade with your teacher for lessons: can you clean house, mow lawns, babysit, coach beginning children learning to play the cello? I myself began teaching private lessons as a 9th grader, and used the money to pay for my own lessons.

All the best,


Sarah Strickland

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