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Joad said: May 16, 2015
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Which scale system do you correlate to each Suzuki book for violin? Thanks.

Connie Sunday said: May 26, 2015
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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For beginners, I use the free handouts here:

For books 2-4 I use the following:
Blackwell, Kathy and David:
Vol. 1, Pieces, Puzzles, Scales, and Arpeggios
Vol. 2, Musicianship and Technique Through Scales

The free scales page has one, two and three-octaves, so I continue to send those to students in pdf format, and use the Blackwell books to support that, and also for sight-reading.

in addition, I collect violin scale books, and have the following:
Violin Scale Books
- Barbara Barber: Scales for Advanced Violinists
- Lisa Berman: Violin Scales and Arpeggios in One, Two, and Three Octaves: Based on Carl Flesch
- Susan Brown: Two Octave Scales And Bowings For The Violin
- JoAnne Erwin, Kathleen Horvath: A Scale In Time
- Simon Fischer: Scales
- William Fitzpatrick: Scale Workbook (2 Octaves)
- Carl Flesch: Scale Studies—violin
- Ivan Galamian Contemporary Violin Technique: Vol. 1, Vol. 2
- C. Paul Herfurth: A Tune A Day Beginning Scales for Violin
- Jan Hrimaly: Scale Book—violin
- Paul Rolland, James Starr: Three Octave Scale Fingering Alternatives
- Henry Schradieck: School Of Violin Technics: Bk. 1, Bk. 2, Bk. 3
- Hans Sitt: Scales Studies For Violin, Op. 41
- William Starr: Scales Plus!
- Ritter-Stoessel: Scale and Chord Exercises for the Violin

Free Handouts for Music Teachers & Students:

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