Concert Dress? formal concerts and community ones?


Patricia said: May 3, 2015
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Does anyone out there use a different concert dress then black and white? I have always used that…. but when you go to Nursing Homes and Senior Centers…. to perform, they like seeing colorful kids! not kids looking like they might be attending a funeral. I am rethinking concert dress for next year? If the SAA colors are blue and white…… having a royal blue polo shirt embroidered with my programs logo in white and the students can wear with navy or khaki pants in winter and white or khaki dress shorts in summer? does anyone else use a polo shirt? For In House formal concerts…. I would still mandate the formal concert dress? i don’t know? is that too much to ask? What are your requirements for concert dress and does it change with the venue?

Sera Jane Smolen said: May 4, 2015
Sera Jane Smolen
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I usually say “nice school clothes”.
Different families do different things along a range of informal to formal.
I have been comfortable with that. It allows the concert to be special and also “do-able” and comfortable so the sharing of the music in a human way is the featured element.

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Colleen Lively said: May 6, 2015
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I always say “black/blue pants/skirts and solid white shirt” for group performances. I’ve worked with other Suzuki teachers in the past in different states and we would sometimes purchase matching polo shirts. However, for individual recitals I used to say “Sunday clothes”. Well, since many people do not attend church or they attend in casual attire, no one knows what that means anymore. So, I just say “wear really nice clothes that you would wear to a wedding.” And, I highly encourage my high school students to wear their “prom clothes” because one might as well get one’s money’s worth out of the prom dress. But, a caveat to the prom dress is that I make the students rehearse their piece in their prom dress (or tux for guys). One does not want a “wardrobe malfunction” in the gorgeous strapless gown :)


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