Where and what 1/32 violin to get?


Erin & Christopher Palmer said: Mar 24, 2015
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My 3-year-old daughter is just starting violin lessons. She is quite small, so she needs a 1/32 size violin. Unfortunately there are no local places that carry a violin that size. I am looking for recommendations of places that would have a decent quality violin (and either drivable from CT or will ship), as well as what brands I should look at, and which brands to avoid. (I will consider renting as well as buying, and I have an older daughter that plays, so worst case I can trade in the small violin for a larger one for my older daughter).

So far I found:
- Eastman 100
- Franz Hoffmann (on shar.com)

Thanks for the input!

Emmy said: Mar 24, 2015
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Hi, Erin

I have been renting 1/32 size violin from Gainesville Violin from Florida for my 3 year old daughter.
I called in and you can set up payments, and they will ship you a rental one or if you want, you can purchase one. I asked to put vision strings so that it has better sounds than other strings. Our teacher told us to rent it from there. It is called Vivaldi violin. It is decent. If you want to hear how it sounds, I have a video clips of my daughter playing some book 1 pieces, if you private message me, I will send you a link.

To be honest, 1/32 size turn out to be a little bit still too big for my daughter…since it is only a little bit bigger, we are making her use it. I wish I got the 1/64 size. She started at age 3 and right now she is 3.5, and she is average height.

Emmy said: Mar 24, 2015
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I actually originally bought Franz Hoffman Prelude violin in 1/16 size! When I showed it to our violin teacher, she said actually, violin itself is not bad, but they came with not very good strings…(well, it just turned out it was way too big anyway) E string that came with Franz Hoffman looks so skinny compared to Vision string that came with 1/32, and it makes very cheapy sounds, (A string as well, has very cheapy sounds, skinnier) So my guess is that at this size of violin, maybe it matters more of what kind of strings you put on…our teacher wanted to put Dominant strings, but the Gainesville place only had Vision strings, but It is ok sounds, and it sounds a lot more like my older children’s violin, than Franz Hoffman strings. Hope this info helps. I am planning to use Franz Hoffman 1/16 for my daughter once she is much bigger but will put either Vision or Dominant Strings on it.

Danielle said: Mar 25, 2015
Danielle Dotson
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Gliga, online.
I’ve bought from them more than 4 times for 1/32, and each one has been fine, and much less expensive overall than renting, especially if you then sell it on afterwards. However, no parent wants to sell their 1/32 when they have finished with it so far. The violins are so tiny and cute, and build up such a store of memories.

Danielle Dotson

Melanie said: Mar 25, 2015
Melanie BarberViolin
Maple Valley, WA
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I second Gliga! They are the best tiny instruments I’ve ever heard and they hardly ever go out of tune as well. It’s a great violin for the money:)

Sue Hunt said: Mar 26, 2015
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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If you buy Gliga, go for the best model that they are offering. In this case, I have found that the more I paid, the better the sound. Mine are all strung as violas A D G D (tuned to middle C).

The strings that they come with, will need changing. I use Dominant.

The other thing to bear in mind is that the tiny Gligas have tiny narrow fingerboards and are not totally suitable for chubby fingers.

Do Suzuki still make tiny violins? I have one between 1/32 and 1/16 which has a lovely roomy fingerboard. Again, it’s doing time as a viola.

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