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Barbara Stafford said: Mar 17, 2015
Barbara Stafford
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Plano, TX
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Hello, I would like to recommend a bow hand buddy to a student but I am feeling uncertain. It looks like it is a one-size-fits all. If any of you have experience with bow-hand-buddies fitting on your student’s bows and working with your student’s hand size, please let me know! Thank you, Barbara
P.S. my student is 6 years old so her hands are little, but not super small.

Erin Rushforth said: Apr 11, 2015
Erin Rushforth
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San Antonio, TX
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Hi Barbara,

I taught a Suzuki violin class to kindergartners this year with no parents present, and I decided to try the bow hold buddies. They are all one size, but you can adjust how close together the two parts of the bow hold buddies are on the bow, which is how it can work with all sizes of hands. You have to completely unscrew the adjusting screw and separate the frog from the stick in order to slide on one part of the BHB, then reattach the frog and the adjusting screw and slide on the other part. This was not a problem until I realized that the bows would not fit back in the cases with the bow hold buddies on them. My view after this year is that the buddies can be helpful, but it is just as easy to train a child’s hand without bow hold buddies if you see them in a regular lesson setting with the parent present. Hope this helps!

Patricia said: Apr 17, 2015
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Martinsville, NJ
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I have never used the bow buddy…but what is the problem with your students bow hand? Thumb ? Pinky? Both? Where to place? When i first start the bow hand… I use hospital tubing on a thick pencil….then we move to the bow. Is your student double jointed?

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