Tony Sanabria said: Mar 12, 2015
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Hi all I am new here. After many years of not playing I decided to look for a tutor to get back in the violin playing and did not have much luck finding a teacher. In my research I found out about suzuki method and thought I give it a try.

I found a teacher in my area that said is affiliated with this association and I chose him to teach me.

Unfortunately my experience has been a nightmare. This person convinced me of buying an over priced violin from him, book 1 at 20 dollars which I figured was ok since that’s how he makes money. But he said I couldn’t get it much cheaper than buying from him. Mind you, book 1 can be found somewhere around 7 dollars elsewhere.

After first class he said I could call if I have questions but when I did he sounded bothered.

Anyway, I recently got really sick and being that so far I was disappointed in him by others stuff I won’t mention here, he kept giving me the run around about returning my money including a month worth of classes. He ignores my calls and emails and the whole experience has been really bad. I feel sad how some people can misrepresent something that has done so much good for others.

I am hoping this person grows a conscience and calls me to return my money sometime soon:(

Heather Figi said: Apr 17, 2015
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Thanks for your feedback and we are sorry that your experience was not as expected.

I think many of us, if not all, would let you know that our teaching studios operate very differently than the experience you shared above.

I say this to encourage you to remember your dream of playing the violin and seek a different resource.

Also, perhaps you could privately contact the SAA and share with them your concerning experiences with this instructor so that they are made of aware and able to track a pattern.

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