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Jeanna Taylor said: Mar 9, 2015
Jeanna Taylor
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Paradise, NL
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Hello Teachers!

I have a wonderful Suzuki family that I am sad to see have to move away. They are studying both Suzuki Violin and Suzuki Piano. I have never seen such a dedicated family.

They are moving to Woodstock, New Brunswick. I cannot find any teachers listed within that area. They are willing to travel up to an hour for a good Suzuki teacher. If anyone can help me with any leads please let me know!

Thanks for your help!

Beverly Gay-Photiades said: Mar 10, 2015
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Royal Oak, MI
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Have you considered using Skype for the lessons?

Beverly Gay-Photiades

Anna Tilley said: Mar 11, 2015
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I used to live in Woodstock, NB but now I live in Saint John ( about 2 1/2 hours away). There isn’t much of a Suzuki community in New Brunswick, but I would have them check with the University in Fredericton for a teacher. I know there is a summer program for students in the summer (not suzuki, but a place to start). Also in Maine (Woodstock is right on the border) there are some really great Suzuki teachers… Mostly in southern Maine, but I know they have an Institute in June near Portland, and they used to host a fall workshop. I attended it one year and it was a really positive experience.
My children are both taking lessons from teachers who have Suzuki training, and we’re trying to stick a close to the philosophy as we can but it’s not the full Suzuki experience. No group lessons, no community. It’s not ideal, but I’m using every resource in the area to come as close as I can.
Tell them that they will have to be flexible and willing to look outside the box, but I’m sure they can find something that will work for them.

Christine Clougherty said: Mar 11, 2015
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Regarding Skype, I am not sure if it would be different for violin, but it doesn’t work that well for piano. It can be stopgap, better than no lessons, but used temporarily. Believe me, I was hoping it would be great; maybe use it for make-up lessons?? But alas….

What I found were several problems:

  1. technology: my internet would shut down, and re-booting would waste time, but some of that is due to my old computer and not-as-fast-as AT&T-promised internet speed

  2. inaccurate volume: when the student was supposed to be playing “piano” it sounded like mezzo forte or louder on my computer.

  3. lag: rhythms can seem off, the student may say it is the lag, but often it is not. Then you can’t put in corrections, and the student continues to play the wrong rhythm.

  4. Playing together: Hard to hear.

  5. Feeling: I felt trapped, wondering why I couldn’t see or hear as clearly as usual; felt like I was talking with my hands tied behind my back.

Perhaps someone else has a better experience?

Jeanna Taylor said: Mar 12, 2015
Jeanna Taylor
Suzuki Association Member
Paradise, NL
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Thank you everyone for your much appreciated help! This is a very dedicated Suzuki family and I am heart broken for them to have to not have Suzuki formally in their lives.

I will pass on the great info—Anna thanks so much for that!

Christine—I fully agree with what you are saying. I would rather see them go to well trained teachers than to continue our lessons through Skype. I have had lessons through Skype as an adult—even then it was difficult. I think it is nearly impossible to accomplish this with children.

I am looking forward to any other information someone may have to offer!

Again, thank you all!

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