Can my daughter learn another instrument

Ariel Singh said: Jan 21, 2015
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Hi… my daughter is 6 years old. She has been learning piano theory for over a 1 year using the traditional method, theory first. I did not have much success in finding ear training lessons for her till now. I have finally found someone who is not an official suzuki trained teacher but is very familiar with the method and teaches students already. Is it a good idea for my daughter to continue with suzuki piano or can she try suzuki violin method with the new teacher? Can she at the same time continue with piano theory lessons.

I have a friend whose two kids play both violin and piano, they are now 8 and 10. They also used the suzuki methid. My daughter and me both found it intriguing and she has shown genuine in violin as well.

Thanks so much for your time..

Irene said: Jan 23, 2015
Irene Yeong160 posts

hi Ariel,

my daughter is also 6 and she is learning both piano and violin. Both instruments complement really well together.

Since she started primary school , there are times when I wished that she is only learning one instrument, there is so much homework and stuffs, but as long as she is enjoying the learning and practicing . We just continue. She will have to sacrifice the Cartoon network.

If time is not an issue, do continue the piano theory, it really helps the violin journey.


Gina Devirro said: Jan 26, 2015
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I know several adults who grew up learning both a string instrument and piano, and I am one myself. I am glad to have the ability to play both. My daughter is learning both. It makes finding practice time more difficult, and may slow the progress of each instrument to some degree, but I think worth the effort.

Sue Hunt said: Jan 27, 2015
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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With each new instrument, you are learning to use more of the brain. It’s like learning a new language; the more you learn, the easier it gets to learn another one.

When you are helping your child with 2 instruments, you double your opportunity to put Suzuki’s guiding principal into action, “Character first, ability second.”

Lesli said: Apr 5, 2015
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My daughter is 6, and taking both violin and piano. We’re finding that they compliment each other well. The biggest constraint is time—violin has a private lesson and weekly group lesson, and piano a weekly lesson. Plus practice time and that’s a lot for a 6 year old.

Lori Bolt said: Apr 6, 2015
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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It is a lot. I noticed from your other discussion question that you’re experiencing a good deal of stress and conflict over practice. What would happen if you stopped her less favorite instrument for a while to see if that relieves the tension?

Lori Bolt

Phankao said: Apr 8, 2015
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It’s possible. Hope you have a teacher that you like. My 6yo is doing violin (suzuki book 6) and piano (suzuki book 4). Just have to learn to manage time and be very focussed.

Lesli said: Apr 11, 2015
 Violin, Piano
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Hi Lori—that was for me?

The piano lessons were added last fall, at her request, and we’ve suggested dropping one or the other instrument, but she wants to take both. I think it’s just (just??) friction with me. Frustrating, but it has less to do with violin than trying to control Mom. I suspect.

Lori Bolt said: Apr 12, 2015
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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Yes that was for you, Lesli. I’m sure you’re right about the control aspect. I have seen this among my moms and their children too. Usually, patience and unconditional love (mentioned in the Sprunger book) eventually ease the tension. Suzuki is very much about parenting in general, isn’t it? There are great ideas post ed here. I’m sure you’ll emerge from this a better person with a good relationship with your daughter :)

Lori Bolt

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