Need quick violin assessment activities

Danielle said: Jan 19, 2015
Danielle Turano
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Hi everyone!
Tomorrow I am going to be working with a public school in NYC to continue their violin program after about 10 lessons last year! There is no home practice as part of the program. The director has asked me to come up with a few quick tests to be able to divide the class into two groups. One being more “advanced” than the other, now called “differentiated” learning.

Does anyone have any good activities that they have used in the past to assess the level of a beginner student? They will be taken out in groups of 5 with me.

I have a few ideas but wanted to reach out to the community to see what we could come up with!
Thanks in advance!

Erin Rushforth said: Jan 19, 2015
Erin Rushforth
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I have a basic assessment that I used on my kindergarten class in December that I will try to upload here. Violin Assessment

Let me know if that works,

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