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Sarah Farrell said: Jan 4, 2015
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I teach music and Bilingual in a public preschool with 500+ children, and I have a private Suzuki flute studio out of my home. I am interested in starting a Suzuki in the Schools program for a limited number of children, specifically children with severe delays in articulation. I hope that learning flute or recorder can help them develop their oral muscles and coordination, and that learning with the Suzuki Method will also help develop their aural skills necessary for hearing and producing the sounds of language. Ideally, they would continue with their instrument after leaving our preschool, but as of right now, it wouldn’t be supported in the public school system. That is a long term plan.
The children are ages 3-5. I have taken Level 1 and 2 in Flute, and plan to attend Level 1 in Recorder this spring or summer. I would prefer to do flute with these children, because that is my primary instrument, and it requires more mouth muscle control. However, the difference in price between flute and recorder is not something to ignore. Also, I suspect that recorder might be less intimidating to parents, at least at the beginning.
I would love to hear from people who have taken the Suzuki in the Schools training, and/or have implemented programs in a public school.
Looking at this website, it doesn’t appear that Suzuki in the Schools training is offered anymore.
One question in particular is whether anyone has tried this with children ages 3-5- PreK.
Another question is which instrument to incorporate, although I suppose I could use both- some kids on flute and others on recorder. We are a Title I school, so students come from low income families. A significant percentage of our children are on IEPs- which means they have an identified disability. I would begin with children with severe articulation delays, but would also like to expand in the future to perhaps work with some of the children with Autism or who are in wheelchairs.
If you have any ideas, advice, or contacts, I would love to hear from you!
Thank you,
Sarah Farrell- Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Sarah Farrell

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