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Mikaela said: Jan 3, 2015
Mikaela CashViolin, Viola
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I have just made a 3,000 mile move from Washington State to Frederick, MD, and left behind a thriving violin and piano studio in Washington State. I’m ready to begin teaching again, and have already had some inquiries, but I’m uncertain how much to charge. Any advice on the going rate for music lessons in the Frederick/Baltimore/greater DC area would be much appreciated! (I have 8 years teaching experience, am certified through Suzuki Book 3 in violin, and have two years of college but no degree.)

I’d also love any other advice you might have, such as favorite luthiers, piano tuners, violin shops, and music stores in the area.

Thanks so much!

Heather Figi said: Jan 4, 2015
Heather FigiViolin
Eugene, OR
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First of all best wishes with your new location and all the transitions that come with a move like this.

I loved in the DC area and loved working with the Potter Violin Company —I dearly miss their services.

Next, I wanted to suggest researching tuition at the Levine School of Music to help you gauge your pricing:

Again, best wishes to you and your work! Please let us know how it goes.


Heather Figi said: Jan 4, 2015
Heather FigiViolin
Eugene, OR
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Also, if you are interested in pursuing further teacher training, Ronda Cole who lives in Virginia is exceptional in my opinion. I did my masters with her and it showed me a new level of what is possible. Here is her website:

Kelly said: Jan 5, 2015
Kelly LehrViolin, Viola
Eagan, MN
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Hi Mikaela,

I lived in the DC area for a few years and found it to be a great area for private string teaching, especially Suzuki. In addition to the resources Heather mentioned, you might also want to consider joining the Suzuki Association of the Greater Washington Area ( as well as the DC/Maryland ASTA chapter ( Both are very active organizations that will help you network with other teachers (Suzuki & traditional) and quickly build your studio. They are also great sources of ongoing teacher training/enrichment.

Good luck!
- Kelly

Katherine said: Jan 5, 2015
Suzuki Association Member
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I am on the lower eastern shore of MD. Pretty much a world away from where you are moving to. Pretty much a cultural desert too, by comparison! I fully agree with the previous posts! I’ll just add that I recently bought a violin for myself from Gailes Violin Shop in College Park, MD. I was very happy with their services/my experience and would use them again. But I have also purchased student instruments from Potter’s and used their services and they are wonderful and I guess pretty much considered the gold standard among the Suzuki community (from what my limited experience with the DC area).

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