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Nkem Nwosu said: Dec 13, 2014
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Hello everyone. I’m new to this site, but just recently passed my intermediate suzuki violin audition for 1-8 with bach a minor. I am working on cleaning up my mozart d major concerto for the comprehensive audition. I’m currently in a masters of violin performance program in the northern new jersey area, but my home state is in North Carolina. I want to get started with teacher training, but want to know if any teacher here offers private teacher training? Where someone can move through the courses in a quicker pace, then just taking one or two classes per workshop or institute. It seems like it would be very expensive and not time effective to jump from workshop to workshop trying to get through units. I have also looked at East Carolina’s suzuki pedagogy program. But I would not be able to start that until spring 2016, when I would have graduated from my masters program. Any advice or tips?

Danielle Gomez Kravitz said: Dec 22, 2014
Danielle Gomez Kravitz
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Doing the short-term, week-long training workshops is about as fast as you can go. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it takes times. It takes most Suzuki teachers many years to complete all 10 books.

The fact that they offer short-term training at all here in the Americas is something of a hot topic. Some of the world regions do long-term training only.

My advice is to take ECC and take the first two books and then work on getting some experience under your belt teaching. Honestly, you wouldn’t get much out of the training experience if you literally sat down for for 10 weeks straight and took all the workshops in a row.

As a side note, only Suzuki Teacher Trainers are allowed to host the course. And in order for it to count as certified training the course has to be a certain number of hours and cover a certain set of material.

Friederike said: Dec 23, 2014
Friederike Lehrbass
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Why do you want to do them so quick? You mostly start with book 1 students and might get a few older book students. But its not necessary and even beneficial to go through all the books that quick.

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Heather Reichgott said: Dec 26, 2014
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It’s been 6 years here, and I’ve managed to take ECC and Book 1 only (and not for lack of trying.)

Janie said: Dec 27, 2014
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This seems like a topic of wide interest. Don’t worry if you can’t get through all the books quickly. Most of your students will be Book 1, with some transfers from higher books. You probably won’t get many Book 7 and up students until you have a following. Take ECC, Books 1 and 2. Take copious notes during the class so you can refer to them later. Then teach your heart out. You will know when to sign up for more units.

BTW, the ECU course is excellent, well worth waiting for. There is also a long term program at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff which is also fabulous. University of Denver also has a long term program. There are others, too, all of which are well worth your time.

Good luck with your teaching.


Fabio Dos Santos said: Dec 28, 2014
Fabio Dos Santos
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To all that, I’d add that in Latin America we also recommend very strongly that one retake courses, once you have already started teaching that particular level. Preferably with a different teacher trainer! It will help you see different ways to teach, to understand the concept of ‘teaching style’, and of different approaches to similar technical issues. 

For these courses that you retake, record your classes on video, and write down the questions you have about whatever you live through with your students. When you go in to your second training class, those are great topic for discussion, and will help you improve not only your lessons (and your ability in teaching) but also about management, fees, scheduling, and all sorts different (unexpected) issues!

All the best!

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