Suzuki and Waldorf

Lucas Almeida said: Nov 26, 2014
Lucas AlmeidaCello, Bass
Louisville, KY
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Does anyone have any experience doing Suzuki at Waldorf schools? If so, what are some of your experiences?

Briana said: Jan 5, 2015
Briana Di MaraViolin
Oakland, CA
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I do. My experience has been great. I find that Suzuki goes well with the Waldorf approach. The main difference is that usually in US Waldorf schools strings aren’t taught until 4th grade, which is a bummer.

Gabriel Solomon said: Jan 6, 2015
Gabriel Solomon
Suzuki Association Member
Woburn, MA
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Most of my students attend a Waldorf school. I have found it to be a fantastic community of people who are very involved in the particulars of their children’s education, including violin education. As Briana said, they don’t start string instruments until later (3rd grade at this school,) but I have had some success starting some families sooner.

My understanding is that in the Waldorf approach, early childhood education is structured less academically and more around play. Because Suzuki education is sometimes misunderstood as an academic pursuit rather than as language and family nurturing, this can sound the wrong note with some Waldorf families. But overall, I have had good success with the Waldorf approach and now send my own child there.

Gabriel Solomon
Suzuki Violin Teacher

Amanda Kerr said: Mar 23, 2015
Amanda Kerr
Suzuki Association Member
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I taught strings at a Waldorf school when I lived in Alaska. It was a wonderful experience. The strings program there started at 4th grade the first year I was there, and then changed to 3rd grade the next year. The students had beautiful intonation and incorporated music into a lot of other things they did at the school. The only down-side to teaching Suzuki Method at a Waldorf school is that their philosophy (at least at the school I was at) frowns upon listening to pre-recorded music…

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