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Heather Figi said: Nov 7, 2014
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Dear Friends and Parents of Young Musicians,

I am writing to share with you news about a new project I have started called Music for Young Violinists: link

I specialize in creating violin music that brings together a spectrum of playing levels from beginner to advance and also in creating music that focuses on a specific technique to help students get the repetition they need to grow fluent and confident in their violin playing skills. Music for Young Violinists began as a way to share my arrangements and collections with a broader audience but grew into a collaboration with other string players to include:

- Freebies (Teaching Materials, Arrangements, Practice Charts)
- Blog
- Teaching Videos

If you visit our site (link above and below) and join the mailing list we will share a link for a packet of free music to you every season. The current packet is 8 Holiday arrangements for violin. I hate spam too and promise not to contact you more than once a month.

My hope is that the materials that are part of the Music for Young Violinists project cultivate joy and focus in the learning process and share ideas that keep your soul ignited with the reason you started doing this in the first place. True satisfaction in life comes from the inside out.

Thank you for your support. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this with you and welcome any feedback you may have for me.

Happy music making and sincerely,
Heather Figi & Friends

PS—Music for Young Violinists is also on Pinterest (link) and features many free practice charts, unique arrangements, teaching ideas and plenty of inspiration. Help yourself and feel free to share with your students!

Music for Young Violinists on Pinterest:

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