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Andrea said: Nov 1, 2014
Andrea YunTeacher Trainer
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— update: this is no longer being aired tomorrow, but could be aired at a later date. —
From Gilda Barston:

Dear Friends:
It has come to my attention that NPR has recorded an interview with Mark O’Connor presenting his “facts” about Shinichi Suzuki and the Suzuki Method. The interview is scheduled to air tomorrow (Sunday, November 2, 2014) between 8-10 am on the “Weekend Edition” program.

This interview was recorded WITHOUT any input or rebuttal by the Suzuki Assocations or any member of the Suzuki community. (I spoke with the journalist involved, and was told that she had attempted to reach me and the SAA but was unsuccessful.)

It is outrageous that NPR will air this without checking O’Connor’s “facts.”

I am asking each of you to write a short email to the journalist, Liz Baker: [javascript protected email address] and Scott Simon (*see note below), the host of “Weekend Edition”: [javascript protected email address] (I am not completely sure of his email, but I am sure of Liz Baker’s email) urging them to not broadcast, or to delay broadcasting the interview until they can check all of O’Connor’s “facts” and give equal time to a spokesperson for the Suzuki Community.

I purposely did not include a generic email that could be sent under your names, as I think it is important to write something that conveys your own concern and care about Shinichi Suzuki and his legacy.

Please also forward this email to any of your friends who can add their voice to this!

The addresses once again are:

[javascript protected email address]
[javascript protected email address]

Thank you for your help.

Gilda Barston

CEO—International Suzuki Association
c/o Music Institute of Chicago
300 Green Bay Road
Winnetka, IL 60093
(847) 999-0553
[javascript protected email address]

* Note from Andrea. It is Rachel Martin, not Scott Simon. You can Tweet to them: @lizNbaker @NPRWeekend @rachelnpr

Andrea said: Nov 1, 2014
Andrea YunTeacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
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If anyone wants to use my letter:

Dear Ms. Baker,

I hear that an interview by you of Mark O’Connor will be broadcast tomorrow. There is another side to this story. Please use your journalistic standards and represent both sides of a story before airing. 

Mark has been making claims against Shinichi Suzuki for many years now (to promote his own method), and his claims come to incorrect conclusions. He has “evidence,” which he clearly found somewhere—but this evidence does NOT prove that Suzuki was lying about his past. Please allow the Suzuki community to share their own evidence. Klingler’s daughter was the first chair of the European Suzuki Association. There is a recording of Pablo Casals giving a speech in Japan that was extremely complimentary of what Suzuki was doing. 

Shinichi Suzuki isn’t alive to defend his own name. Please give us the opportunity to do so.

Melanie Drake said: Nov 1, 2014
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I sent email to Liz and submitted my plea to the NPR ombudsman, which you can do here:

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