Cello posture

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Amber said: Oct 21, 2014
Amber Walton-Amar
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Toronto, ON
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I have a wonderful 5 year old student who is new to my studio but has had previous instruction. His posture suffers: the cello sits very low and does not rest on his chest but rather leans on his shoulder and is supported by his knees. He feels very uncomfortable when I adjust his posture so that the weight of the instrument rests on his chest. I have tried a small pillow, stickers on his shirt, and a zoo zoo pet on his shoulder (not all at once of course!), all with only very fleeting success. Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Sue Hunt said: Oct 22, 2014
Sue Hunt
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Put him in charge. Ask him to demonstrate good posture while he plays something really simple and very short. Get him to stand up and tell you how he thinks he did. Praise him for noticing.

Set him a specific practice task which incorporates this.

Jennifer Visick said: Nov 1, 2014
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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Perhaps you can find inspiring videos of cellists who have good posture (professional or young students who are just above his age or playing level, or perhaps teenagers, depending on who you think he would like to aspire to be like) playing music that he enjoys hearing or watching, and ask him to see if he can match his posture to be like theirs.

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