Violin—Any formal certification?


Saswata Misra said: Sep 12, 2014
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Violin—I am looking to find if there is any formal grading for students learning using the Suzuki methodology? If not, what is your opinion about the exams that ABRSM (Royal Schools of Music) conducts?

Without a formal evaluation, I am not sure how my child’s progress or achievement. Appreciate any recommendation.

Jennifer Visick said: Sep 13, 2014
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Some local Suzuki groups or associations offer “Graduation” from Suzuki book levels. Here in southern california, this involves making a recording and sending it to a listener appointed by the local Suzuki association, this person listen and makes comments on the student’s playing including both compliments on what is working well and suggestions for future improvement. There is also a graduation concert performance involved. This is modeled after the recordings Shinichi Suzuki used to have sent to him and the comments he would make for these students, and on the large concerts

Some Suzuki teachers hold their own “book graduation” recitals or concerts.

So far as I know, neither the SAA nor the ISA offer formal evaluation of students’ levels—the evaluation is much more local.

Laura said: Sep 17, 2014
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I have had students do both ABRSM and RCM (Royal Conservatory in Canada) exams. They are both very well structured and help the student become a well-rounded musician. The RCM syllabus has more Suzuki repertoire in the requirements, so it goes well with what your child is already learning.

You can find more about both here:

There is also a syllabus with the ASTA (American String Teachers Association), but I am not as familiar with that one.

Some teachers prefer not to do exams, you should definitely talk about it with your teacher.

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