searching for rare suzuki related books


Setareh Beheshti said: Aug 15, 2014
 Viola, Violin
Ottawa, ON
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Dear Colleagues,
I am searching for:
Susan Grilli “Preschool in the Suzuki Spirit”
Paul Zahtilla “Suzuki in the Class Teachers Manual”

These are resources that I would like to add to my research. Amazon books have these books but at a ridiculous price.

Your help in tracking a copy of each of these books would be greatly appreciated
thank you
Setareh Beheshti

Setareh Beheshti

Jodie St Clair said: Aug 16, 2014
Jodie St Clair
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Eugene, OR
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Susan Grilli’s book is so great, but I believe it’s out of print! You might try contacting Susan Grilli. When I saw her a few years ago, so was talking about another book that may be very similar…

Eugene Suzuki Music Academy

Sarah said: Jan 31, 2015
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My local library had ‘Preschool in the Suzuki Spirit.” I took notes, then returned it. So, try checking your local library.

Maeve O'Hara said: Feb 20, 2015
Maeve O’Hara
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Oak Park, IL
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I would keep an eye out on Amazon. I bought Susan Grilli’s book for $6, which included shipping, taxes, etc—it was a used copy. They have it now for ~15… good luck!

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