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Pieter Sheth-Voss said: Jul 23, 2014
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Took our two girls (10 and 5) to Ithaca Suzuki Institute and it was simply wonderful.

This was our first time to any Suzuki Institute. We didn’t write this earlier post but it was pretty close to our situation before:

However, am very glad we were there! Wish we had gone last year, and can recommend it highly. The week was almost exactly like this post from five years earlier: .

The week started with a play-in at 4pm Sunday, ended with Suzuki students playing fiddle to contra dancing Friday night. Days in between were 8am to 3pm classes (with breaks), 4pm recitals, and 7pm concerts. Enrichment classes included choral and music/movement.

The atmosphere is very friendly and positive. Yes, there are tiny kids playing book four. There are also teenage kids playing with them. Every teacher met the students at their level. They are really good.

There was time for fun too. We went swimming in the outdoor 50-meter pool every day, jumped in to the water at Treman Falls State Park, and got to try a couple restaurants.

They found friends pretty quickly and you could see the students all mixing nicely in the cafeteria, playing soccer or capture the flag and exploring the small stream outside.

Many or most of the families have gone for years, either Ithaca and/or other institutes. Can see why. One of the instructors was actually a five year old at the first Ithaca Suzuki institute years ago.

You don’t have to attend every recital and concert. But the ones we did see completely reset my horizons. The first evening playin with all the students literally had my five year old listening on the edge of her seat (photo below).

The kids loved eating in the cafeteria, rushing from building to building at passing period. Feeling proud to have figured out the campus. And there are other programs going on at Ithaca College, every door seemed to have some gem of sound coming from it. A few photos below.

The last evening was the final concert followed by contra dancing accompanied by book-3 kids and parents who took the fiddling class at the Institute, plus a few ringers in their midst.

In the weeks sense being home, our daughters’ energy in practice, and mine as a parent, have been much different, which seems entirely due to seeing how the Suzuki music program all fits together.



Video conversion in progress.









Treman falls

Treman falls

Image by Pieter Sheth-Voss

Barb said: Jul 26, 2014
Barb Ennis
Suzuki Association Member
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Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Gina Devirro said: Jul 28, 2014
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This sounds wonderful. Makes me wish we lived closer to Ithica.

Sylviane said: Jul 30, 2014
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Thank you for posting the pictures and sharing your experience.
Hopefully one day we could go to Ithaca.
Next year we are planning to go to Stevens Point. If anyone have stories or pictures to share about Stevens Point, we would love to hear!

Rebecca Ark said: Aug 2, 2014
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Sylviane, we just got back from Stevens Point (our 2nd year) and loved it!! The schedule is the same as what Pieter said for Ithaca and with twin 5 year olds and a 6 year old it was pretty hectic (with a lot of walking) but overall an amazing experience that I would recommend ten times over.

Let me know if you’d like to know anything specific.

Heather Figi said: Aug 29, 2014
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I remember asking John Kendall what the best summer institutes were and in his opinion he said the top 2 were Ithaca and Stevens Point.

Congrats are making this happen for your family. Institutes changed my life as a child and created a life long lover of learning in me.

I love that you shared this here—spread the good word with your studio!

Alexandra said: Sep 8, 2014
Alexandra Jacques
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Mesa, AZ
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I did Unit 1 training at the Ithaca institute this summer. I’ll admit, as I was getting ready to fly to Ithaca, I was questioning whether I should have chosen one closer to Arizona, but I’m so glad I attended this institute. I’m seconding this recommendation, for students or teachers looking to do teacher training. Pieter is right that people attend the institute for years. I observed a student whose grandfather brought him to his lessons, and had brought his mother to the Ithaca institute as a child as well- such a great story. I agree that there is a friendly, supportive atmosphere, the faculty is fantastic, and Ithaca is beautiful, which definitely is a plus. Plan to do a hiking and go see some waterfalls while you’re there. :)

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