Advice about a platform for an online class?

Lisa said: Jul 21, 2014
Lisa Liske-Doorandish
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Hello, everyone!

I am planning an online technique class, and am looking for a program that will allow up to 30 or more people to sign in, for me to be able to see a small video icon of each person who has signed in, for me to broadcast with good sound quality, and possibly for texted questions to be addressed to me during the class. In addition, it would be nice if I could hear individuals play to me if I select them.

Does anyone have any ideas? Google Hangout, even the premium, won’t accommodate enough people. A classroom platform like electAlive didn’t have the sound quality I will need. Is something like YouTube Broadcast what I should be looking for?

Does anyone have experience with Apogee Duet? Other possibly relevant software?

I will be grateful for any insights.

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  • Lisa Liske-Doorandish
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Danielle Gomez Kravitz said: Jul 21, 2014
Danielle Gomez Kravitz
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I know that Skype is used in a lot of businesses. You may want to investigate their conference call capabilities.

Just a thought. I have no idea if that’s a viable option or not lol.

Laura Burgess said: Jul 22, 2014
Laura Burgess
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I have found Fuse has slightly better sound quality than Skype.

I just heard of a new (to me) platform that. May fit your need. I am taking a class on it next week. It is called Maestro Conference.

Good luck!


Jennifer Visick said: Jul 25, 2014
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Maybe look into GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar. I’ve taken several online classes hosted on that platform. I’m not sure about whether the attendees can be seen by the presenter or not (the classes I took didn’t require such a thing), but there is an option for attendees to be heard, or muted, by the organizer. Questions can be texted in, too. Sound quality was not worse than Skype or a Google hangout, but occasionally inconsistent (probably due to the quality of the internet connection?).

Margarita said: Aug 2, 2014
Margarita SanchoCello
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I’m not sure if it suits your needs or if it allows streaming, but you may have a look at:

It is an open source e-learning platform that I discovered while searching for options to create music theory online courses for my students. I haven’t had the time yet to deep into it though…



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