Suzuki name and studio name

George said: Jul 9, 2014
George Westafer
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Augusta, GA
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Are there copyright restrictions on the use of the Suzuki name in creating a studio name? E.g., would “Suzuki Guitar Studio of Baghdad” be legit, or must one first get permission to use the name?

Jennifer Visick said: Jul 10, 2014
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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I don’t believe there are any restrictions. Anyone can call themselves a Suzuki teacher. There are Suzuki programs all over that use “Suzuki” in their names without any issues.

For example, I work with the Pasadena Suzuki Music Program, and I also work with a private school affiliated program we call the St. Margeret’s Episcopal School Suzuki String Academy.

Liz Biswas said: Jul 15, 2014
Liz Biswas
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Waterloo, ON
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It may be an issue in your area if you plan to officially incorporate your school. In Ontario the government required a written letter of permission from the Suzuki association of Ontario for our school to incorporate.

Amelia Seyssel said: Oct 21, 2014
Amelia Seyssel
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Poughkeepsie, NY
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The International Suzuki Association (ISA) is the “sole authorized organization which can grant rights to the use of Suzuki’s name and the marks “Suzuki”, “Suzuki Method”, and other similar terms throughout the world.”
The Regional Associations (including SAA) have been given rights to grant sub-licenses to national associations or other organizations within their area.
These Regional Associations (like the SAA) in turn grant the ‘rights’ to their individual members & to their National and other local regional members.
All this means is that ‘in principle’, assuming that the ISA does not revoke the rights of use agreement with the SAA (which recently occured with the ASA—Asian Suzuki Association; see, teachers must refer to the Suzuki Association of which they are a member and be in compliance with their particular ‘agreement of use’ clause in order to ‘legally’ use the name.
For the individual teacher, that ‘agreement of use’ usually means having taken and registered Teacher Training through a legitimate Association capable of granting license. And, yes, if you want to incorporate your school, probably best to get a legal document that allows you to do that—only way to make it strictly legal should later problems arise.

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