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Vilija Garbonkus said: Jul 9, 2014
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Hello. My children are learning extra pieces in supplement to their Suzuki training. I am in need of listening music for their violin parts. Does anyone have resources that they would be willing to share?

listening music requested:

Circle of Life—Violin 1 String Orchestra Arrangement; music by Elton John Arranged by Lloyd Conley
Kanon und Gigue—Violin 1 by J. Pachelbel (1653-1706)

Thanks so much in advance for any resources you may have!

Danielle Kravitz said: Jul 21, 2014
Danielle KravitzInstitute Director
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YouTube is a great resource these days. Also, Amazon and iTunes have fairly comprehensive selections.

Deena Mathew said: Sep 25, 2014
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Youtube is one of the best resource to learn and here is other best resource to learn

Jennifer Visick said: Sep 28, 2014
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If this particular arrangement by Lloyd Conley is from the Essential Elements Broadway favorites book, then perhaps this is one of the things you’re looking for.

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