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Mia Theodoratus said: Apr 28, 2014
Mia TheodoratusHarp
Brooklyn, NY
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I am a Suzuki Harp teacher in North Brooklyn.

I am banding together with 2 string teachers to have recitals and an open house to get more parents interested in Suzuki music lessons. In NYC the parent is the hard sell…..

Are there any games that are music based, easy to explain and require limited music knowledge?


Mia Theodoratus
Suzuki Harp

Lori Bolt said: Apr 29, 2014
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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I've used simple listening activities in trial lessons. Anything involving listening should be fairly easy for a child to understand. I like to play two pitches and ask the student to tell if they're different or the same, or going higher/lower/ staying same (that's a little harder b/c the child might not understand the pitch direction). Sometimes I play the tones with a different articulation, but the same pitch. Those kinds of things could become a game, as could simple rhythmic activities….maybe with some kind of movement to music or using rhythm instruments. Ooo…I just thought of a Cake Walk or Musical Chairs idea where they move when they hear quarter notes (you wouldn't need to explain the values, only the sound), and stop on another type of value. I think I'll try that at my group lesson :)

Lori Bolt

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