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Friederike said: Apr 15, 2014
Friederike LehrbassViolin
Plano, TX
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I was wondering if anybody can give some ideas about how to help my students bridge 2 1/2 months of my absence, bec I'm visiting my family in a different country. Thanks for any suggestions. Friederike

Praise the Lord with the stringed instrument

Danielle said: Apr 15, 2014
Danielle TuranoViolin, Suzuki in the Schools, Viola
Wallingford, CT
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Hi Friederike,
I have been teaching students across the country and the world using Skype ( available for free) and FaceTime for Mac users! It is genius!! I allows me to be anywhere at lamost anytime and teach my lessons. As long as you set up the times in advance with the students they are fine in this setting. I have found that it works even better for parents who are essential to be the "at home teacher."
In my desperation to teach one of my students who lives in California ( while I was in NYC) I rode the train while I Skyped with him during his lesson!
Good luck!

Elizabeth Bronsveld said: Apr 15, 2014
Elizabeth BronsveldViolin
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Skype is good—also if you have any older students, they can teach the younger students while your gone.

Friederike said: Apr 16, 2014
Friederike LehrbassViolin
Plano, TX
84 posts

I thought about skype, but I'm not sure when I will have access to the internet and to skype. I think my sister has it. I will have to talk to her about it I guess. Thanks for more suggestions.

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Anne Brennand said: Apr 16, 2014
Anne Brennand
Suzuki Association Member
Cello, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Boulder, CO
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Hi Friederike. Using Skype means owning a computer that has video capability, which I currently do not have. I would love to explore that world, and have heard great things about teaching this way. Like you, in the meantime, I have to rely on other resources.

Such as teaching colleagues. Last summer a family emergency pulled me away from a committed studio, and I was so very grateful to my teaching community. Several teachers said they would be happy to take my students for a short time. I said I would be available as resource for each student, but did not want to intrude on the temporary teachers' agenda for these summer students. I also paid my friends in advance of my absence. I was very grateful this worked well for all involved. —Anne

Anne Brennand, cellist and cello teacher

Friederike said: Apr 17, 2014
Friederike LehrbassViolin
Plano, TX
84 posts

What do you mean you payed your friends in advance? Don't the students pay that teacher themselves? Thanks Friederike

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Mengwei Shen said: Apr 17, 2014
Mengwei Shen
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Piano, Cello
Jersey City, NJ
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If I were covering a colleague's students for a short period of time, I would surely appreciate the colleague paying me directly rather than having to collect payment from each student, who I don't really have a relationship with and who would go back to the original teacher soon anyway.

The same goes the other way—if I were sending my students to someone else, I'd take care of the financial details so that the temporary teacher and students only need to be responsible for scheduling and doing the lessons.

Annette Brower said: Jun 15, 2014
Suzuki Association Member
10 posts

Hi Friederike!
I would get a sub and have the student pay the sub directly. I was a sub for Lonie many times and it worked out great.

Annette Brower

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