Violin teacher recommendation for Pearland-Houston area


Mengwei Shen said: Feb 26, 2014
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I’m not in your area and can’t answer your exact question but do want to share some tips. Keep in mind that even if you get a recommendation, there is no substitute for meeting a teacher yourself and seeing how s/he works; you will have to spend time doing that anyway. On a practical note, suppose you email/call a bunch of teachers—perhaps some won’t reply, but for the ones who do, you may get an idea through that communication of how they work and take that into consideration. It’s like interviewing for someone you want to “hire” but it only takes minutes to send the initial emails.

I’ll also point out that suppose you find yourself considering an “okay” teacher (in your own evaluation) who is closer vs. a “great” teacher who is farther away—it’s every family’s personal decision as to what trade-offs to make in their pursuit of instrument study. As a child, my family had a period when we regularly drove 2 hours one way to our teacher, and now as a teacher, I have students ranging from a few minutes walking distance to an hour’s drive away.

Please also check out the SAA page on how to choose a teacher:

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