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Dan Flonta said: Feb 18, 2014
Dan Flonta
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West Barnstable, MA
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Hello everyone!
I am in the middle of organizing a parent training course and I was wondering if I can get some pointers from you.


Dan Flonta

Sue Hunt said: Feb 28, 2014
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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There’s a very good book by Susan Kempter called Between Parent and Teacher which outlines a parent education program. However, I think that parent training is an ongoing thing and should be done in bite sized modules—One teaching point at a time!

Anne Brennand said: Mar 11, 2014
Anne Brennand
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Hi. Thanks for this subject, as I am grateful for parent education tips. It is easy for me to neglect this in the throes of lessons, connecting instead with assuring a student's understanding.

It has been suggested to me that a good video, modeling parent behavior and optimal participation, would be useful. Are there any out there?

It would be particularly valuable if the role a parent plays as students age could be forecast. —Anne

Anne Brennand, cellist and cello teacher

Lisa said: Mar 12, 2014
Lisa Liske-Doorandish
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Here is a link to Jeanne Luedke's very thorough and helpful parent education course:

When I've had a group of kids starting at once I've begun by having the parents do the course, and this has had wonderful results. Then, I continue to share articles and books with them and usually schedule a "Parent Group" at least once a year in place of regular Group class; there we have a topic of discussion usually based in a reading that seems relevant to parent issues in the studio at the time.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Lisa
  • Lisa Liske-Doorandish
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Merietta Oviatt said: Mar 12, 2014
Merietta OviattViolin, Suzuki in the Schools, Cello, Viola
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I do know that the SAA is looking into creating a parent education course. It would be a streamlined approach that would walk us through what and how to do it! The idea is for us to get training at a kind of ECC course where we would be walked-through how to do parent ed. We could also get materials for it that are put-out by the SAA. I REALLY hope they get going on that and they release it sooner than later!!

Dr. Merietta Oviatt
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Emily Morgan said: Mar 13, 2014
Emily Morgan
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Jamestown, NC
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Thanks for the website link! And I hope they decide to make the course. That would be very helpful.

Brigette said: Mar 17, 2014
Brigette Weisenburger
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Aberdeen, SD
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I too, would love to see a parent education course.

I have had Suzuki Moms (and Dads) NIght, by inviting them to my home for wine and cheesecake. I found it a very pleasant way to educate, motivate, and offer a bit of thanks for their efforts.

Sue Hunt said: Mar 18, 2014
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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There are so many little elements to parent education that it's easy to loose the basics as the brain slides into overload. A friend tells me, is using the 100 Day Practice Journal in her studio, to educate her new parents one point and one day at a time, while they do a 100 day practice challenge together.

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