Fun Songs for 7 year old Beginner

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Sarah Hancock said: Feb 9, 2014
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My daughter is starting violin lessons for the first time. I would love some recommendations for some fun beginner songs for her.
Thank you!

Barb said: Feb 10, 2014
Barb Ennis
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Hi Sarah,

Nice to see your enthusiasm for your daughter’s new venture!

The best person to get advice from is her teacher! As a teacher myself I have a reason for each song learned and the order they are learned, for the most part, especially as very beginners. Introducing additional beginner songs aside from lessons might introduce techniques they are not ready for.

I do encourage my students to explore their instruments on their own and “play around” a bit. But when that includes learning another song… well, I had to correct fingering and hand position when one student went beyond the technique she knew at the beginning. I don’t mind students bringing in some “outside” material once in a while, but I need to make sure it isn’t pedagogically inappropriate.

I have my kids start with Cello Time Joggers (Blackwell) as well as Suzuki repertoire, mostly for the open string songs they can play along with with the CD. But before they begin the “next” songs in that book with only the first finger and open strings, I make sure they know how to put all fingers down for correct hand shape, using pre-twinkle songs such as The Monkey Song. Oh, and before they are ready for any of these they spend a good amount of time working on the bow hold and then the cello hold so they will be more automatic when it’s time for the brain to focus on sound.

Best wishes in this adventure with your daughter!

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Laura said: Feb 11, 2014
Laura Mozena
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Check out this resource page for some Pre-Twinkle Songs

But always consult your teacher about which songs he/she wants you to study.

Have Fun!

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