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Alicia said: Jan 11, 2014
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Hello! I am currently in the process of revamping my studio and focusing on being more Suzuki-minded and committed. I am in the middle of my Piano Book 1 training and have realized that I haven’t been incorporating as much of the Suzuki philosophy in my studio as I had thought because I didn’t know as much about is as I originally thought. I am so excited about all that I am learning and can’t wait to be incorporating more and more into my teaching.

My question is about book graduations. In the past, I have had students just make a recording of all of the pieces in the book at their lesson and considered that as their graduation. But I feel as if that doesn’t allow to really share their accomplishments. Graduating is a big deal, and I want my students to feel excited about the accomplishment!

I was wondering if some of you could please share how you do book graduations for your students and why you chose to do it that way?

Thank you!

Alicia Reid
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Laura said: Jan 11, 2014
Laura Mozena
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When I was a Suzuki Kid I did exactly what you said about making a recording (it was actually just a cassette tape back then) But now as a teacher my students prepare graduation recitals on our group class Saturdays where they get a metal saying they have graduated after they perform. For Book 1 they choose 5 pieces to play (the first and last are required and then they choose their 3 favorites from the middle of the book) For book 2 it is 4 pieces and book 3, 3 pieces. We also do Twinkle graduations where they play all the Twinkle rhythms and theme to graduate from the twinkles.

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