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Kasey Lee Sylvester said: Jan 9, 2014
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Hi! I am a violin teacher that was certified in Suzuki books 1-3 about 11 years ago. I wanted to know if that certification stays active, or if there is something I have to do to keep it activated? I started teaching when I was 17 and taught for a few years and then became an RN and now that I am married and a stay at home wife I am looking to start teaching again. If anyone could give me some direction on this, I would be very grateful!

Laura said: Jan 11, 2014
Laura MozenaViolin
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Did you register your training with the SAA? It actually isn’t called a certification. After taking Suzuki Teacher Training in whatever form you get proof that you completed that training. There is a more in depth discussion about this here. I would start by making sure that your courses are registered with the SAA. It doesn’t seem like they are (or at least are not showing up here on your profile). Hope this helps.

Kasey Lee Sylvester said: Jan 12, 2014
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Thank you Laura for your response! It was super helpful! Is there I place I can go to check if I am registered?? I did receive a card and paper in the mail from SAA after completing my courses, but I didn’t know if the registration stays current or not?

Laura said: Jan 12, 2014
Laura MozenaViolin
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It never expires, so yes it should be still active. According to the SAA “Your training will be officially registered with the SAA by the Institute, workshop, or trainer sponsoring your training course.” You can read more here Do you pay Dues? I was just wondering because when I click on your name it just says Kasey Sylvester
Violin Teacher and doesn’t list any training. But maybe that has to do with your profile on the website. I’m really not sure, maybe you could call and check 1-888-378-9854.

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