Finger Tape Organizer for Teachers on the Go

Megan Graham said: Jan 1, 2014
Megan Graham
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Good morning and Happy New Year!

Like many teachers, the holidays provide an opportunity to plan ahead and clean up loose ends before a fresh start. This morning, I was doing a bit of organizing in my violin case, sorting miscellaneous stickers, highlighters, and loops of loose finger tapes that have been getting tangled since October. The latter needed a permanent organizer, so I reached for my Ziploc freezer bag and heavy thread and went to work. About 3 inches from the Ziploc top, I sewed two separate vertical lines to divide the bag into thirds, creating three separate pockets for long strands of tape. At the top of each pocket, I left a few inches of tape sticking up for easy access.

This is a simple solution that takes up very little space (one container instead of three), it is light-weight, and it uses common household materials. One could also use clear thread (fishing line?) to enhance the aesthetic of the bag ;)

Finger Tape Organizer

Finger Tape Organizer

Image by Megan Graham

Jennifer Visick said: Jan 2, 2014
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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I’m assuming that’s auto detailing tape. I generally prefer something like this

Laura said: Jan 3, 2014
Laura Mozena
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Ooooo I like that masking tape! I used to use auto striping but then I started using these. I like them cause they are pre-cut and come with squares of felt that I use for thumb placement and even sometimes for the bowhold. I also use colored electricians tape for stripes on the bow for teaching bow distribution.

Mengwei said: Jan 5, 2014
Mengwei Shen
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I have the sticker set of gold/silver/felt but switched to 2″ wide painter’s tape. It’s quick and easy to cut strips (being able to control the size is sometimes a pro and sometimes a con!), doesn’t leave residue, and is in general useful to have around.

I can’t remember where I got this idea (possibly someone on this forum) but I use auto detailing tape to make 5-line staves on dry erase boards.

Megan Graham said: Jan 14, 2014
Megan Graham
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All great suggestions! Thank you :)

Lillian Klotz Foster said: Jul 17, 2014
Lillian Klotz Foster
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Not only do these sparkle, but they also change colors (from color to silver sparkle) after you play on them for a little while. Therefore, you can tell your students you have a special way of knowing if they practice or not, or that the tapes will change color magically when they practice (accurately) for a while. KIDS LOVE THESE. They are kind of expensive though.

Elizabeth said: Jul 18, 2014
 Cello, Violin
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Great idea Jennifer! I currently use a small pencil/make up bg to keep the tape from taking over my tote bag. But yours looks very convenient and good for me as I travel a lot. As far a the pre cut tapes with the felt pieces set some folk mentioned, I tried them but didn’t like how difficult they were to remove if needed. The auto detail tape works best for me. I can find it at most auto stores, and get it in black (for older students who aren’t into the colors) I also found it in clear with flames- very popular!

Carol Gwen said: Jul 21, 2014
Carol Gwen Kiefer
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Laura, how well do the > Fingerboard markers> adhere? I find that I replace 3rd finger tapes often.

I use pinstripe tape, which does an excellent job delineating the area of pitch on the fingerboard- even on small violins. But I would like an alternative for kids who sweat. Especially this time of year!

Thanks everyone for sharing the nuts and bolts issues of teaching children :)

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