Will I learn to play well?

John Mirick said: Dec 30, 2013
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We will be enrolling our son in piano lessons this spring.

I currently do not play any instrument. Is that a problem?
I have always wanted to learn to play… will I (can I) learn as a side effect of my son’s lessons?


Mengwei Shen said: Jan 2, 2014
Mengwei Shen
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It depends on the teacher’s expectations and vision. I don’t expect parents to have experience (that’s why they’re coming to me) but I do need them to learn enough to help with practice. At first I teach the parent on the instrument directly but phase that out 1) after the parent completes Twinkles and 2) as the student’s attention span grows. Parents still attend lessons and take notes, but if they were to have additional personal playing goals, I’d suggest that they take separate lessons.

Laura said: Jan 5, 2014
Laura Mozena
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Mancos, CO
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Yes, I think you will learn a little right along with your son, but helping with practice and taking notes at lessons. But it will help a great deal if you make time fro your own individual practice as well and always ask questions to your teacher so that he/she know that you want to learn as well.

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