What size and make guitar


Laura said: Jan 5, 2014
Laura Mozena
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I do not teach guitar, but see that nobody has responded to you yet. I can share what I have learned from a colleague who is a guitar teacher. The sizes available are 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4. See if you can find anything here:


Robin said: Jan 11, 2014
Robin Smith-Jackson
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Strunal makes a good student guitar in fractional sizes that are relatively inexpensive. This is a Czech company, and sometimes hard to find (current shipment is on its way, no telling when it will stateside. I needed a 1/4 size guitar for a student recently and ordered a Cordoba because everyone that carries Strunal is out of stock. It is slightly less expensive than Strunal, but neck is good, and the set up for my young student was straightforward for the instrument to produce a nice tone. Maybe other guitar teachers will chime in with their recommended brands. I am just starting out in my community and chose Strunal for low price and good quality as I build my studio, based on recommendations by other teachers. I bought the Cordoba from Sweetwater, and received excellent customer service. I would order from them again without hesitation but if I can get Strunals for my students, I recommend this retailer www.meantone.com. The owner spent a good length of time with me helping me to determine how to get my clients what they need even if it meant going somewhere else, and also explained the difficulty right now in finding Strunals, which this shop ordinarily carries and ships throughout the US.


Robin Jackson

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Rick Pruitt said: Feb 13, 2014
Rick Pruitt
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The size depends on the age of students. There is not really any standardization as far as size, (1/4,1/2. ect) so the best way is to go by scale length. (the length of the string) A 44cm is good for a 5 or 6 year old. A 48 (of which Cordoba sells at a reasonable price) is good for an average 7 year old. A 53cm is good for an 8 or 9 year old. The next size up, a 57 or 58cm is good for maybe a 10 or 11 year old. It is better to have the guitar on the small size than the large size. It is much better to get a guitar with a solid top than a laminated top. The sound of a laminated top is pretty poor. Young Musician’s sells Strunal in both solid and laminated tops. They are currently out of the 44cm size. I don’t think anyone has this size in stock in the US right now. The 53cm or what is typically called a 1/2 size might be a good size for you, depending on the age of the kids. Ruben Flores sells a higher quality fractional guitar, and Gringo Star guitars are probably the best quality completely solid wood guitars in the US but they are expensive. The fractional guitars also need special strings, which don’t usually come on the guitars. I use La Bella fractional strings and get them from Strings by Mail. I hope that helps!

Connie Sunday said: Feb 15, 2014
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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I sell a lot of these:


Normally, the sizes are:

Age: 11-Adult/ Height: 5′ or taller/ 4/4 size
Age: 8-11/ Height: 4′6″ to 4′11″/ 3/4 size
Age: 5-8/ Height: 3′10″ to 4′5″/ 1/2 size
Age: 4-6/ Height: 3′3″ to 3′9″ / 1/4 size

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