Choosing a Suzuki teacher based on completed training units


Diane DallasKidd said: Dec 2, 2013
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I am looking for a Suzuki violin teacher for my 4 year old daughter.
Some teachers have completed up to Violin unit 10, while others have completed unit 1.
When choosing a teacher, how much weight should I place on the completion of units?

Community Youth Orchestra Of S CA said: Dec 4, 2013
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I think the priority should be to meet them in person and see how well they engage your daughter in learning.

While it might be likely that someone who has completed many more units might be a more experienced teacher, that isn’t always the case, as not every Suzuki registered teacher goes into the training with ECC and Unit 1 as a beginning music teacher. I’ve met quite a few teachers who have been working with violin students for decades, but only recently decided to take the Suzuki training in order to expand on their skills in working with younger students.

Whitney Reagan Kelley said: Dec 4, 2013
Whitney Reagan Kelley
Suzuki Association Member
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Thank you for your post. Because each unit of SAA training covers the corresponding Suzuki Book level, training with only Unit 1 is sufficient for teaching students through the first Suzuki book. However, you will usually find that teachers with higher training (up to Unit 10) often have more years of teaching experience and an understanding of the progression of Suzuki training throughout the books that other teachers with less training may not have.

With this in mind, I agree with Gene that it is always a good idea to meet the teacher in person and observe a lesson or two to see how they engage with their current students. You may also ask them about their teaching experience and training background to give you more information before making a decision.

Whitney Kelley
SAA Staff

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