Seasonal Group Class Ideas

Rachel Gauntlett said: Nov 22, 2013
Rachel Gauntlett
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Toronto, ON
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Hi everybody,

I’m in my first year of teaching Suzuki cello group classes, and I’m having a blast! With the holidays fast approaching, I was wondering if anyone had ideas for holiday themed games for group class.

Thanks in advance :)

Laura said: Nov 22, 2013
Laura Mozena
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Palm City, FL
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Halloween —Halloween is the only time that my students are allowed to play behind the bridge. We play Perpetual motion and every time there is an open E string we play behind the bridge “squeak, squeak”

More to come….

Barb said: Dec 4, 2013
Barb Ennis
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Instead of a holiday recital or group class I have a Christmas party with families invited. Cello Time Christmas is a great book for Suzuki book 1 students, and sometimes siblings who play violin or piano come along—Fiddle Time Christmas has some of the songs (about 12) in the same key. I like to use the duets so we have two parts mostly, but sometimes it’s cool to hear a room full of cellos playing unison. There are a few pieces with open string second parts for the pretwinklers.

I was hoping to see some good games here… Last year we just did hide the rosin, which isn’t very holiday themed! I have also handed out ice-breaker Christmas carol puzzles—guess the name of the carol by the illustration, etc. —to the parents/guests.

One year a student brought Christmas Crackers (a British/Canadian tradition—not the crunchy snacks) which had tuned, numbered whistles inside (one note per whistle). Each person had their note to blow as I, the director, read the “score” (numbers over the words to familiar carols and popular folk songs) and cued them. They didn’t know what they were playing until the notes were played—this involved family members and was lots of fun.

I think I’ll do that again this year, but instead assign them a note on the cello—the cellists will have a family member or guest play their cello (should bring a few stickers to mark their notes on the fingerboards, I guess!)

More holiday ideas?

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Rhonda said: Dec 5, 2013
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Edmonton, AB
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You could have lyric sheets for the family members so they can sing along to the familiar Christmas songs as the students play.
A game of pass the parcel is fun, or musical chairs if you have the space.
Some students could play solos of Christmas music or from the Suzuki repertoire.
You could do the 12 Days of Christmas, and assign some students to play the odd number days and some the even number days, while the audience sings along.

Have a fun party!

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