Suzuki music lessons as after-school program at a school?

Heather Reichgott said: Oct 21, 2013
Heather ReichgottPiano
South Hadley, MA
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My daughter’s school is interested in starting a Suzuki private lesson program after school.
I am not able to take on any new teaching responsibilities at this time, and most of the other local teachers I know are pretty much booked up, too.
Even if I had availability, I don’t know how an after-school program would work… does one simply teach a few private lessons in a row? (which accommodates only a small number of kids?) do a lot of teachers have to be available so that many kids can have lessons at the same time?

Does anyone have experience with this?
AND… would anyone be interested in helping a school get such a program off the ground?
It is in Springfield, Massachusetts.


Janie said: Oct 22, 2013
 Violin, Recorder, Viola
Glenwood Springs, CO
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Hi Heather. It’s wonderful that your school wants to take this one I actually have quite a bit of experience with this, having worked in one such program and set up two. If you are interested in hearing my experiences, please contact me off list. My email is [javascript protected email address]



Jennifer Visick said: Jan 27, 2014
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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Janie… I’d like to hear about your experiences in setting up an after school program; I’m sure others would as well. Is there a reason why you can’t post a summary here?

Lenni Jabour said: Jan 28, 2014
Lenni Jabour
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Toronto, ON
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Janie, I just sent you an email. Thank you so much for your willingness to share!

Music is a language of the heart without words. 
- Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, 1898- 1998

Elizabeth Elena (Betsy) Pabon said: Jan 29, 2014
Elizabeth Elena (Betsy) Pabon
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North Attleboro, MA
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I am very interested, although my current availablilty is limited to Tuesdays. Please feel free to contact me at 920-747-0530. Thanks!

Betsy Pabon

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