Studio Policies and Photo/video releases

Melissa Suzanne said: Sep 29, 2013
Melissa Suzanne Bechtel
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Does anyone have their parents sign a studio policy or some sort of statement indicating that they have read and will comply with the policy?
Also, what should I as a private studio do as far as photo and video recordings? Should I have parents sign a release? Does it make a difference if I intend to use it simply for myself as teacher development as opposed to advertising? Any input would be great!


Mengwei said: Sep 29, 2013
Mengwei Shen
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I review a document consisting of administrative policies and teacher/parent/student “pledge” sections (an idea from someone on this forum) but don’t ask for a signature. I don’t want to track the paper, and if someone is deviating from expectations, I want to address that from a “how-do-we-proceed” perspective vs. “you-signed-this”. I’m not saying those two are mutually exclusive but currently just don’t feel that I need the latter.

I’m not a lawyer but as far as I can tell from internet searching, a photo/video release refers to publishing the images. Does it count if I’m the only one who sees it (Suzuki Principles in Action prep work)? Or if it’s someone affiliated with the SAA for teacher training purposes? What if you don’t see the child’s face and can’t tell who it is? I also can’t prevent parents from taking pictures that include other people’s children; what if they share them with me? (I did ask someone for a video from my very first group class but only because I wanted a memento from the occasion!)

In other words, I don’t know—I have a generic comment about “teacher training purposes” in the policy document, but if I were to put faces on my website, flyers, etc., I’d want to check in with a lawyer first.

Susan said: Sep 30, 2013
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On our application we have a section that basically says the parent gives our foundation the right to use photos of their children for advertising and on our web site. When I owned a school, I did the same thing. If a parent doesn’t want pics of their children shown anywhere, we just do our best not to photo them at all. In my 25 years of teaching, that has happened only once. Most parents understand the need for advertising and especially using pics on the web site.

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