Student with Broken Arm

Phillipa Burgess said: Sep 28, 2013
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I have an early book one student who will have his left arm in a cast for the next month. The cast has put his arm in a good position to hold the violin, but he cannot turn his hand to use his fingers. I will be continuing his lessons with bow work, solfege, rhythm activities, and open strings melodies (such as Lullaby). Are there any suggestions for activities or repertoire that will hold his interest?


Caitlin said: Sep 28, 2013
Caitlin HunsuckViolin
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Wow! What a wonderful opportunity for him to develop his bowing techniques. You might want to start working on more finger motion with his right hand. Also individual strength in each finger. A fun goal might be to see if he can hold his bow without his thumb or pointer finger (try it, most advanced violinists can get it pretty quickly, the idea is if your pinky, ring and middle finger are active, they should have the strength and coordination to grip the bow). On top of that I would have him do a lot of active listening activities. has several left hand videos, and lots of performance files to watch.

Aurora Adamson said: Sep 29, 2013
Aurora Adamson
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I had a broken arm (mine was the right arm, and pretty non-useable for a couple of months) as a book 1 student, and was fortunate enough to have a wonderful Suzuki mom who bowed for me, at lessons, concerts, etc. When I came back to bowing, I sounded pretty scratchy for a bit, but I had been able to continue learning pieces and working on left hand technique. If he learns the songs deeply (maybe is able to sing the songs in note names, finger numbers, bow directions, etc., do the bowings well, and is able to tell when someone else plays the notes out of tune) he could probably keep learning songs, if he has a parent practice partner who’s up to the task.

Susan said: Sep 29, 2013
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I use Leopold Auer’s book 1 which is entirely open strings for the
students with wonderful bowings and rhythms.

Susan Rasmussen
Suzuki Strings of Las Vegas

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