Student with “Eye Convergence Deficiency”

James said: Sep 25, 2013
James Guerin
Suzuki Association Member
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I have a fourth grade student who has complained that “line between the keys are blurry” to her parents for awhile. She is now receiving therapy for eye convergence deficiency. The report I received from the parent is that her eyes do not work together to form one picture from arms length to up close. The diagnosis is to wear an eye patch while she practices exercises, but she finds it very uncomfortable.

I am wondering if any teachers out there have any experience with this problem? I want to implement strategies at the piano that are in harmony with her therapy….thanks for any ideas.

Laura said: Jan 10, 2014
Laura Mozena
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Palm City, FL
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This is an old post, but I had an idea to focus on the other ways to “feel” what she is doing and “listen”. Muscle Memory and auditory learning might help her while she is going through therapy with her sight.

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