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Christina said: Sep 19, 2013
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Hi there!

Looking for advice on getting my daughter to read music and play music. She is 6, has no reading background and plays violin. Are there any apps, books, youtube videos, games…etc that worked for you? Want something fun and inspiring.

Thanks !

Caitlin said: Sep 20, 2013
Merced, CA
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Hi Christina,

There are several great books for your daughter to go through, but before you tackle that, I would recommend getting a pack of flash cards and have your daughter memorize the note names, and then where they are the violin (that’s A, and its an open A, that’s C, and that’s a low 2 on the A). Then have her place her fingers down when you flash the cards, then have her play a Var A when you flash the card.

Separate from that she can do rhythm flash cards. Have her first clap out the rhythms, then bow them on open strings. Once those two items are established, she could start putting them together. But remember to consult your teacher before you start having her read music. A lot of times their posture and intonation (placement of fingers) and bowing go to the wayside the moment they try to read something. The items above shouldn’t hinder her posture or technique.

Emily Anthony said: Sep 22, 2013
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I recommend Songs for Little Players by Evelyn Avsharian. She introduces one note at a time, focussing on A and E strings. The notes are very large and the songs are enjoyable. I have written words for all of them, and will send them to you if you wish.
Also, Avsharian’s Miss. Hot Dog Hamburger Hoedown is wonderful for note-reading.

2nd recommendation—I wrote a book of songs called Sticky Sticky Jelly which I use with all my young students prior to Suzuki bk. 1. The songs have words which are funny and they all rhyme. The rhythms reinforce Twinkle rhythms and bowing patterns. These songs are quickly learned by heart, so you don’t have to worry about the student playing with her nose in the music. I begin by writing in the letter names above the notes, then gradually eliminate the letters one at a time, calling that “note of the week”.

Blaise Poth said: Sep 25, 2013
Blaise Poth
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Louisville, KY
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Hello Emily,

I would love to have a copy of your book and the words to the songs that you have written.

Many thanks,

Kate Dean said: Jan 15, 2014
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At your daughter’s young age, she can be tutored by a violinist if you want to. Other than that, you can teach her how to play violin with flash cards, get inspiration from Youtube videos, ebook about how to play violin and so on.

Gretchen said: Jan 22, 2014
Gretchen Lee
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Austin, TX
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For rhythm reading practice, there’s a free app called Rhythm Cat. I have a few students around your daughter’s age that really like it.

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