Ease of lesson payments with the “Square” or “GoPayment”

Irene Mitchell said: Sep 18, 2013
Irene Mitchell
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Dear friends and colleagues.
One of the most exasperating things for me about being self-employed is bill collecting.
I am exploring the use of new technology to assist me with this, and wondered
if any of you are using either the Square or the Intuit GoPayment.
This is an article written by a violin teacher/freelance musician in PC world, and I found it interesting:
Does anyone who uses these have insights or comments?
thank you so much!

Irene Mitchell

Joyce McGlaun said: Sep 18, 2013
Joyce McGlaun
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Becky (McGlaun) Wilsford and I have discussed this topic yearly. We have found it most helpful to collect only at the beginning of the semester—tuition/fees/t shirts, etc.—in either one check or in post dated checks for each month of the semester. I only collect fees once a year so I don’t need to add that to the Spring semester. I put a sign on the front door to the studio, and one on the inside, with the total payment for tuition for each duration of lesson level, plus fees. I even give a discount for more than one student in a family! Then I put a “Tuition Box” in the studio and they may leave checks in it. I have envelopes and paper clips for cash or notes to me.
Becky uses a Paypal account for her deposits. I know that Paypal and the Square take a percentage for a fee. If you have more than 40 students it may be worth it. I know other small businesses that use the Square and have been very satisfied.
Many of my piano teacher friends are still billing and collecting monthly and are frustrated. Most of my studio prefers paying once and then forgetting about it for four months.

Joyce McGlaun
Strings Unlimited Violin Studio & Quartet
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Cathy Hargrave said: Sep 19, 2013
Cathy HargraveTeacher Trainer
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I use a “square thing” I slide my cell phone into and love it. It is called Verifone. Emails a receipt, can manually slide the card or type in numbers if person isn’t physically there, they sign on the phone screen. Very easy. The app is called PAYware.

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