Quiting Amicably

Irene said: Sep 3, 2013
Irene Yeong160 posts

Things are not working out so well with piano teacher. I am afraid, my daughter will have to quit with this current teacher and learn from another.
How to tell the current teacher?

Lenni Jabour said: Sep 4, 2013
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Toronto, ON
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Have you had a chat with this teacher outside of lesson time to discuss the issues that concern you? If approached from a positive “lets work this out” place, perhaps the issues will be resolved.

If you have tried this with zero improvement, then go over the teacher’s withdrawal policies and follow them. There should be no hard feelings if you have tried to address the problems and then respected procedures around withdrawal.

Best of luck to you with future music studies and I hope it all works out well with this teacher.

Music is a language of the heart without words. 
- Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, 1898- 1998

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