Young student with sore fingertips

Elise Winters said: Aug 12, 2013
Elise Winters
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I have a student who is 8 years old; she is playing at Book 3 level. She just recently learned vibrato. She is complaining that her fingertips hurt when she vibrates, and sometimes when she’s doing ordinary playing. She has a lovely wrist vibrato with good finger flexibility; her vibrato appears to be correct in all ways, with no visible tension. She practices 45-60 minutes a day; she and her parents are relaxed, warm and open.

Although there’s no apparent injury to the skin, she and her mom have tried using Liquid Bandage to protect the skin, but it rubs off during playing. It’s not clear to me whether the issue is skin sensitivity, or a nerve … but it’s been going on for about four months (since she started learning vibrato).

Has anyone encountered this before? Is this developmental, or is it an injury? … and will it pass with time, or does she need to take a break from playing?

Thank you for any insight you can provide!!

Community Youth Orchestra said: Aug 12, 2013
Community Youth OrchestraViolin, Viola
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Is it every single finger?

Does she have a single hard callus on the tip of each finger, or a more broad rough area across the pads, or nothing at all?

Which muscle or group of muscles is she using to generate the vibrato motion?

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