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Rebecca said: Jul 31, 2013
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West Valley City, UT
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I have little experience in the legal aspects of running a studio. My bank recognizes my studio as a sole proprietorship. I was informed I needed to register my studio as a business and obtain a business license. However, when I visited, I was confused by what seemed to be conflicting information. In one place it said ALL businesses must, but in another place it seemed to convey that sole proprietorships do NOT need to register/license. Can anyone clarify or enlighten me in this area? As well as recommend a course of action?

Julie Stroud said: Aug 1, 2013
Julie StroudViolin, Viola
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It depends on where you live. Your state’s Secretary of State’s Office is the place to go for the legal requirements for your state. Also, some cities/counties have their own rules for licenses. In a lot of places, music teachers teaching from their home do not need to register or obtain a license. But in my state, I had to register my business name with the Secretary of State (through my county clerk’s office) to open a checking account with my business name on it.

Hope that helps!


Julie Stroud

Michelle McManus Welch said: Aug 1, 2013
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I have an “S” corp (sole proprietor) and it saves me a small fortune in taxes. I did this thru an accountant, and it is registered thru the Sec of state. I pay a small fee each year to the state for doing business in the state. You do the process thru the state, but my accountant set it up for me (painless except a fee), and have been saving money ever since. Check it out!

Michelle Mc Manus Welch

Merietta Oviatt said: Aug 1, 2013
Merietta Oviatt
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I have to mirror what Michelle said—make an appointment to visit an accountant. They know the laws and ins-and-outs of your particular state that you would have no way of knowing. In fact, I have a friend who lives in Utah and is a not only an accountant, but musician as well. I will private message his information to you. He can either guide you to someone else in your area, give you some guidance, or help you himself.

Dr. Merietta Oviatt
Suzuki Specialist
Viola/Violin Instructor
Aber Suzuki Center, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
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