Chin rest cover

Jentry said: Jul 31, 2013
Jentry Barrett
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Violin, Viola
Lincoln, NE
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One of my students went to the Colorado Suzuki Institute and came back with a chin rest cover that has a design on one side and is solid black on the other side. I would like to purchase these for some other students, but my student does not remember from whom they purchased it. Does anybody know?

Laura said: Dec 12, 2013
Laura Mozena
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Palm City, FL
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I have not seen this exact chin rest cover that you mention. But I can think of one that is similar. It is called the chin chum and I recommend it for any of my students that complain about the violin hurting their neck or jaw because it not only covers the chin rest but also the metal fittings.

Sue Hunt said: Dec 13, 2013
Sue Hunt
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Viola, Violin
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Would this be what you are after?

Chin Pro

Chin Pro

There’s really nothing like Google images.

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