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Emillie said: Jul 1, 2013
Emillie BlairViolin, Viola
8 posts

I’ve been getting emails like the one below. The first one I replied to (thought it sounded a little fishy but replied anyway.) The person emailed right back wanting information like my address and wanted to pay some odd way.

I’m posting this for two reasons.
1. To see if any of you have had this same thing.
2. To warn some of you if you happen to start getting them. :)

Email below (this is the most recent one I’ve gotten but all of them are pretty much written the same way just with different names.)

I’m David, During my search for a private lesson teacher that would help in taking my son (Jeff). During his stay in your area. I found your advert and I’m pleased with it me since you specialize in the area I’m seeking for him. My son would be coming to your area in July for a period of time with his friend. I’ll like to know if you can help in taking her for the lesson? Just to keep him busy when he arrives in your area. Jeff is 14 years old, So kindly let me know your charges cost per hour/lesson in order for me to arrange for his payment before he travels down to your side. He will be staying there for 6 weeks.

Please Reply back on:

(1). Your charges per hour (2 times a week for 6 weeks)
(2) Total Cost For 12 lessons
(3). The Day and time you will be available to teach him During the week:

Well I’m very happy that I see you as my son’s tutor, my son and his guardian will live very close to the Area, guardian will be bringing him to your location for the lessons and you can teach him anywhere around you if that is OK by you so I will like you to teach my son the best of you when he get to your area for the lessons. I will like you to email me with your schedule for the lessons.

I will be awaiting to read from you.

Best Regard

Emillie said: Jul 1, 2013
Emillie BlairViolin, Viola
8 posts

I just noticed that RaineJen had already posted on this. :)

Christiane said: Jul 2, 2013
Christiane Pors-Sadoff
Suzuki Association Member
New York, NY
47 posts

I’ve gotten a lot of these type of emails. They are clearly spam and went straight to my spam folder! Do not open!

Christiane Pors
Mikomi Violin Studio
Kaufman Music Center
NYU Steinhardt

Nina Black said: Jul 2, 2013
Nina Black
Suzuki Association Member
Modesto, CA
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It IS a scam. If you check Snopes or do a google seach of the first few lines, you will see how the scam works.

However, I recently had a few families move to a new area. After unsuccessfully searching for a Suzuki teacher for these more advanced students, I was successful in finding excellent teachers through an organization called “Take Lessons”. I’m sure it is meant to get students for teachers, but it worked the other way around for me.

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