Teacher training in Matsumoto

Megyn Neff said: Apr 21, 2013
Megyn Neff
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I’ve been searching the internet, and particularly the TERI website (English version) for information on whether or not teacher training is offered to international teachers who would like to study violin pedagogy in Matsumoto, Japan. Does anyone know if this still a possibility for American Suzuki teachers who are interested in training closer to the source?
Here is the website that I’ve been scouring for information:Talent Education Research Institute

Any information and insights are appreciated!

Cynthia Faisst said: Sep 12, 2013
Cynthia Faisst
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You would want to contact SAA to find teachers who studied directly with Dr. Suzuki for as much time as possible. Fortunately, very few of them would be found in Matsumoto. Some of the very best are spread all over the world on every continent so that the Suzuki Method could grow.

You are welcome to make the pilgrimage to Matsumoto to see the world that he left behind. But for most of us who studied with him at the Kaikan it would be impossible to replicate what we experienced before he retired, with out him.

It is an intriguing idea.

Ms. Cynthia
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Cathy Hargrave said: Sep 13, 2013
Cathy HargraveTeacher Trainer
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I completely agree with what Cynthia wrote; however, I would encourage you to go visit. What most people do here in the States is similar to Talent Education in Matsumoto but also very different. If you go, I can put you in touch with an American TERI graduate who has taught in Matsumoto and still does since the 80’s. She will be eager to help you!! I go back for 2 weeks or a month at a time still and find it worthwhile for me.

Emily said: Sep 22, 2013
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What an exciting idea! Please do keep us updated.

Emily Christensen
Music Teacher & Writer

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