Barb said: Apr 14, 2013
Barb Ennis
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Anyone here going to the Idaho Suzuki Institute?

I’m planning to go again this year for Cello Unit 2 teacher training! It’s a very long drive for us, but even with the cost of gas, since their housing is SO affordable ($20/night) and there’s an early bird discount it’s still probably less expensive in the long run than some closer institutes (which aren’t offering the course I need next this year, anyway). The food is top notch, too!

The Idaho Suzuki Institute will celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2013. We’re planning a big celebration with outstanding Suzuki teacher trainers and faculty.

Idaho Suzuki provides a welcoming atmosphere and a low student-teacher ratio as well as one of the best value, lowest cost institutes available. On campus housing and meals are available for a VERY reasonable rate.

Lots of nearby activities are available before and after such as the National Old Time Fiddler championship in nearby Weiser, Idaho, white water rafting on the Payette, Salmon & Snake rivers, mountains to climb, etc.

Come to Idaho for a memorable Suzuki experience and a great family vacation.

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