Dueling with Mark O’Connor

Matthew Weiss said: Apr 4, 2013
Matthew WeissLynnwood, WA
7 posts

Dear Friends,

Mark O’Connor and I have been going at it for a few weeks on his Facebook page, and now he is posting his propaganda on my posts originating from my Facebook page, which I actually take as a sign that some of our “discussions” have had an impact upon him.

I have recently created a blog in support of the Suzuki Method that is getting positive responses from my FB friends. If you’d like to offer your moral support to this cause, I’d certainly welcome your participation :)


My main point is that even though Mark is really on to something regarding the need for violinists and all musicians to gain skills in improvisation, his constant Suzuki-bashing is totally out of line and his insistence on an “all other nothing” approach (a.k.a drop Suzuki and follow my method exclusively) is detrimental to students who want to become proficient in classical violin.


Matthew C. Weiss
Octava Chamber Orchestra
21st Century Classical Composer

Artem Vovk said: Apr 4, 2013
Artem VovkGuitar
Potomac, MD
6 posts

Oh… I shouldn’t get into this… my thought on all this is:

If that’s how our finest pedagogues (and politicians; but let’s not go there) communicate—why should we expect more from our students/children?

-Artem Vovk

Matthew Weiss said: Apr 5, 2013
Matthew WeissLynnwood, WA
7 posts

Hi Artem,

Thanks for your comments :)

All the stuff that Mark is putting out really becomes tiresome, especially once people like me basically write him off, but the danger in ignoring him is that he will continue to malign Suzuki unchecked and continue to convert fledgling Suzuki teachers to his method.

If nothing else, Mark is very talented in his genre of music, motivated, and well-known so we really need to maintain some kind of response to his campaign…

Matthew Weiss said: Apr 13, 2013
Matthew WeissLynnwood, WA
7 posts

Hi Everyone,

Mark O’Connor keeps giving us baskets full of lemons, so let’s all make lemonade :)


Hope you like it!


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