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Lucas Maia said: Mar 31, 2013
Lucas Maia1 posts

Hello everyone!

My name is Lucas Maia, and I’m currently finishing my masters in Suzuki Pedagogy.

My research involves collecting as many teaching games and fun activities as I can! I have a number close to 50 games so far, which I will share with the whole community, but for now, I would like to hear from you.

What games have you been using in your studio, which ones worked and which ones didn’t? Any good or bad experiences, or any thoughts you want to share about incorporating games in the lesson would be much appreciated.

Games should have some pedagogical value, even if hidden. All instruments are welcome!

Thank you!

Teresa Barton said: Apr 22, 2013
Suzuki Association Member
Manchester, NH
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This game can be used in private or group lessons:
Musical Pancakes
A Variation on Flash Cards
Music symbols (ex.: ff, clefs, intervals, cresc., D.C. al fine, specific note on staff, etc.) on round paper
Lay cards face down on table or floor
Each child gets a paper plate
Take turns using a regular kitchen spatula
“Flip” one card over. Identify the note or musical symbol and explain if necessary.
If student can do this, student puts the “pancake” onto his or her plate.
If not, student puts it back, face down with the other cards.
See how many “pancakes” you can get on your plate!

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