Suzuki Method World Convention Live!

Laurie Niles said: Mar 30, 2013
Laurie Niles
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Pasadena, CA
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Dear Colleagues,

I just wanted to share with you this blog that Julie Bamberger has been posting on from the Suzuki Method World Convention in Matsumoto, with pictures and videos:

Day 1: Konnichi-wa from Japan!

Day 2: Opening Ceremonies; Viola class; Tour of Shinichi Suzuki’s house

Day 3: Viola Rep class; Violin class with Nick Kendall

Day 4: Violin class with Brian Lewis

Watch for more on Julie’s blog:


Wendy Caron Zohar said: Mar 30, 2013
Wendy Caron Zohar
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Julie’s blog is excellent! I feel almost as if I have been a visitor to the World Convention, as Julie has so generously provided pictures and links to much background materials and introductory interviews, first day events, and links to group classes and performances each day. I wish there were a few more links, as I want to see it al!, but for that I suppose one just has to be there! Perhaps some other year. Nevertheless, what she posts is all very informative and inspiring!

Thank you, Laura, for drawing this to our attention.

Wendy Caron Zohar

If we work hard, music may save the world.—S. Suzuki

Sue Hunt said: Mar 31, 2013
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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Thank you very much. I have really enjoyed reading this and listening to the classes and performances.

Teresa said: Apr 1, 2013
Teresa Skinner
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THANK YOU for posting yor blog. My student participated in the conference. I was supposed to be there, but it didn’t work out. Thoroughly enjoyable!

…if you listen to the music, it tells you what to do…

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